There are three levels of membership available – Professional, Associate and Emeritus.

The PROFESSIONAL level is open to creators with provable professional credits to their name. These credits can be, but are not limited to, published works both traditionally and self, in any form of books, e-books, short stories, anthologies, magazine articles, book covers, music CDs, films, TV shows, radio, internet-based channels, etc. Those applying for membership will be asked to provide a full list of published works to be reviewed by the Membership committee. Proof of a sale or a royalty check received for a qualifying work must be presented as well. Any amount paid in legal tender in any country will be sufficient to qualify as a paid professional.

Every year, when paying for the next year’s membership, Professional Level Members will be required to submit proof of having received a minimum of $50.00 in received payment and/or royalties payments received over the previous 12 month-period – for works originally produced/published within the previous three years – that they were a Professional Level Member in the SFFC Guild. If the threshold has not been met, the member will be treated as an Emeritus member, and will be limited to that level’s rules, until such time as the requalification threshold has been met and the member is returned to Professional level.

The ASSOCIATE level is open to any interested applicant who has not yet been published or has not yet acquired a professional credit in any other medium but is currently and actively working on a work that would qualify, an independent editor not affiliated with a large or major publishing house, a small publisher (less than 400 total titles) or if a blogger or professional journalist that regularly covers the field of science fiction and/or fantasy or any related genres. The Associate-level members will have full access to the SFFC Guild with the lone exception of being able to vote for Officers or run for office. Applicants for this level will need to provide a recommendation for membership from two current Guild members.

The EMERITUS level is open to all Professional-level members who are no longer actively producing new material, but wish to remain connected to the community. As with the Associates, the Emeritus will have full access to the SFFC Guild with the lone exception of being able to vote for Officers or run for office.

Additional Information

Members may be stripped of privileges and evicted from the SFFC Guild should any misconduct on said members part be deemed to warrant expulsion by the Membership Committee. Should a member be expelled, that member may appeal the decision to the Founder, or Founder ad litem, who will then make a final determination.

Any applicant under the age of 18 will need to present the name and contact information of at least one parent, or a legal guardian, who will need to confirm permission for the minor to join the SFFC Guild.

All applicants must provide proof of qualifications for the committee to review. An application may be rejected by the committee if it feels an applicant has not met, or has not provided proof of having met, the requirements for membership.

Membership Fees

There will be an annual fee for members of:

$50 (USD) Professional (In the case of a second Professional-qualified person within the same household (spouse or child), the second membership fee will only be $30)

$30 (USD) Associate

$30 (USD) Emeritus

Applications are not yet being accepted at this time. Please check back regularly for opening date and instructions on how to apply.