Welcome to the Guild!

Welcome to the Guild! It’s a new thing we are creating here, and frankly, it will need input from all of us.

Some have stated that the reason we are starting this is a reaction to a current organization that we dislike.

Well, no. I will admit that if other organizations similar to this one had kept their vigor, there would be little reason to begin anew.

I liken it to that first, freshly-brewed cup of coffee right after you wake up. (If you aren’t a coffee drinker, you won’t have this experience, so go back to sleep.)

A newly brewed cup of coffee is loaded with essential oils that evaporate fairly quickly. Worse, they can turn rancid and taste bitter if left too long on the burner.
But the first cup?

Ah! You sit at the table, leaning on your arms as they encircle the steaming cup. The aroma fills your senses, and your brain synapses start opening up and connecting even before the first sip.
That sip is the payoff for getting up.

The first taste gently floods your being, and you can feel life spreading through your limbs. Further, your intelligence seems to quicken by leaps and bounds. That’s the goal of the first cup.

But coffee has a bad side, and that is stale bitterness. Let it sit in the pot too long and the brew becomes a caustic, cleaning agent – if you want to clean by eroding the surface of the object. It needs tossing.

Organizations in general share this trait, no matter what they are, and no matter what their purpose.

You refresh a pot of coffee by starting over; clean the pot, get fresh, cool water, fresh grounds, and brew it again. And enjoy that first cup experience anew.
Any organization needs the same treatment; sometimes it just needs to start over.

Our goal is to develop a new vehicle to enable the creators of science fiction and fantasy to work their unique magic. We truly have no other goal that that.

We aren’t a reaction against past organizations. If anything, we are the unfolding of their core impetus. And we embrace all creators of SF&F – whether writers, gamers, cartoonists, or other expressions of creativity that may not even have a name yet. And we aren’t bound by arbitrary lines on a map.

Instead, regardless of your origin (and we hope in the future those origins will be far away indeed!), we invite you to join with us. Create with us, and tell us your story, by whatever means you have.

And we promise to be supportive. We may not like what you’ve done, but we’ll give it a fair shake. We just expect the same.

Our desire is to create Story. If that’s your desire, Welcome Home!

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